Xero Import Invoices: How To Import & Edit Them Online?

Xero Import Invoices: How To Import & Edit Them Online?

Xero offers the flexibility to import invoices for small businesses. Managing the customer’s invoices requires time and effort. Xero Import invoices is a feature by which you can easily import different invoices in your software. There may be situations when you sort out different invoices in software.

If you are the one who manages the invoices, then this post will prove to be helpful for you. Additionally, importing the customer’s data to the Xero software requires specific knowledge. This post will teach you how to import different invoices and data in Xero. We will also show you how to import bills in Xero software.

Import Customer’s Invoices In Xero

If you are dealing with a large number of customer invoices, then you can easily import them. Invoices are easily imported into the software. Add the details to the CSV file and import it easily. Go through the process mentioned below:

Download The CSV File Template

Here are the steps to download the file template on your device-

  • Firstly, log in to your Xero software.
  • Then, go to the Business menu and choose the Invoices option.
  • Now, click the Import button.


  • Once the invoice is imported, tap on the Download template file button.

Enter The Customer’s Details In The Template

The next step in importing invoices of customers is to enter their details. Fill out the invoice details. Here are the things you need to fill in the invoice template:

  • Email address and PO address
  • Invoice number
  • Contact name
  • Unit Amount
  • Due date and Invoice date
  • Code of Account
  • Tax type
  • Tax Amount
  • Currency
  • Discount.

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Steps To Import Invoices

Once you have entered all the customer’s details in the template, import the file into Xero. Go through the steps given below:

  • Firstly, go to the Business menu and select the Invoices option.
  • After that, click the Browse button and choose the CSV File from the folder.
  • Then, choose the Unit amount column and Contact Details as per your needs.
  • Now, tap the Import button.


  • After that, review the message in Xero regarding importing invoices.
  • In the end, click on the Complete Import button.

Import Xero Invoices & Bills Using Conversion Toolbox

You can import invoices to Xero by using the conversion toolbox. During this process, you use the client’s previous accounting system data. You create the invoices, credit notes, and bills in Xero using the data. Here are the simple steps to do so:

Create Sales And Purchase Invoices

The process’s primary step is creating Xero import sales invoices and files. Export the client’s purchase and sales invoices from their previous accounting system. Follow the steps to create invoices files:
  • Firstly, open the Conversion toolbox.
  • Now, tap the Ready to connect to Xero button.
  • After that, select the client’s organisation and tap on Allow access for 30 minutes.
  • Next, click the Import invoices button. Follow the instructions on the screen to follow this step.
  • Moreover, select For a sample invoice file template, please click here link.
  • Then, open the template and edit it as per your business needs. 
  • Finally, tap on the Save button to save the file in CSV format.

Import Xero Client’s Invoices

Once you prepare the files, it’s easy for you to complete the process of how to import invoices into Xero. Follow the steps below:
  • First of all, open the Conversion toolbox.
  • Now, click the Ready To Connect To Xero button.
  • After that, select the client’s organisation and tap on Allow Access for 30 minutes.
  • Now, click on Import Invoices and choose the File to upload.
  • Then, select the import file from your desktop and tap the Start Conversion button.
  • Next, select the Import Type and Status of invoices. Click Next Step.
  • Moreover, select the Field that maps to each column in your import file if you don’t want to import detail. Then choose the None option.
  • Now, map your Xero tax types and Imported tax types. Tap Next Step.
  • Next, map your Xero account codes along with Imported account names. Click the Next Step button.
  • Finally, check the preview of the import invoice and tap on the Finish button.

Import Supplier Invoices

It is easy to import supplier invoices into Xero software. Follow the step-by-step process to import the supplier’s bills into Xero:
  • Firstly, log in to your Xero software and go to the Suppliers on the left side of the dashboard.
  • Now, click the Import tab and browse the file you wish to import into Xero.
  • Next, Create The Map between the columns and fields of the import supplier file.
  • In the end, tap the Import button.
You will have imported supplier invoice data which you can use in future.

Xero Import Invoices Into The Practice Manager

To import the invoices into the practice manager, you must create them. It also allows you to import the credits and payments to make accurate invoices. Here are the steps to set up the practice manager:
  • Firstly, select the Settings option from the Business menu.
  • After that, under the Connections tab, click the Xero option.
  • Select the checkbox next to the Invoice Payments to automatically import the invoices.
  • Then, choose the Automatically Import Invoices From Xero option.
  • Enter the Description you want in the description field of all imported invoices.
  • Finally, click on the Save button and tap Import Payments to finalise the process.

Final Words

Xero allows its users to import different invoices in CSV file format. The whole Xero import invoices process involves preparing templates and importing. The post contains a step-by-step approach to importing invoices. You may encounter issues while importing the data. To fix the issues and errors in real-time, call our certified technicians. MWJ Consultancy provides expert support services in the accounting software of Xero, Sage, QuickBooks, Quicken, TurboTax, Kashflow, TurboCash, etc. You can call our expert 24/7 to resolve the issues and errors in your software. For software support, call us now.
Xero Import Invoices: How To Import & Edit Them Online?

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