Xero Expenses App: Automate All Your Expense Claims In 2023

Xero Expenses App: Automate All Your Expense Claims In 2023


Xero expenses app is an easy way to manage expenses on the go. Xero recently rolled out the latest version, which adds useful features to the app. The application is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded in simple steps. Business owners can claim expenses whenever they want. The purpose of the Xero app is to eliminate the time-consuming process.

The app’s availability creates a lot of opportunities for businesses and individuals. It streamlines every process to stay on top of expenses anytime and anywhere. If you are unfamiliar with the Xero application, read this post until the end.

What Is Xero Expenses App?

The app allows users to capture costs to submit expense claims. The mobile app allows business owners to view spending with an expense manager’s help. The expenses app Xero gives many tools to track business expenses on a real-time basis. 

Click The Photo Of The Receipts

One of the major benefits is that employees can submit claims anytime. The app allows you to capture a photo of receipts on the go. 

  • Record your expenses mileage by submitting a photo of receipts online.
  • Xero app has OCR technology. It automatically scans the key information and fills the expense claim.
  • Allows you to submit an expense claim with a receipt attached with one click.

Keep An Eye On Spending

Xero Expenses comes with a powerful analytics feature. It allows users to manage their expenses as well as make informed decisions. With the help of an analytics tool, it’s easy to make a fast decision.

  • You can use the expense trackers to review the employee’s spending, status, project, and account.
  • Helps in forecasting the future budget based on present figures. The mobile App tracks the spending and generates reports on time.
  • Analyse the latest trends and insights for planning the strategies.

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Faster Claim Process

The major advantage which makes it the best expenses app for Xero is the fast claim process. Users can speed up the expense claim process on the go with the app.

  • Reduces the paperwork by offering digital receipts. You can take a photo of receipts to record mileage anytime.
  • It offers built-in map features which track and submit mileage using the app.
  • Approve and submit claims for fast turnaround from your phone. Xero offers fast submission and approval of various expense claims.

Xero Expenses In Mobile App

Small business owners and their employees can capture receipts and make claims for work expenses. At the same time, the desktop version takes time, based on the number of claims. Xero application allows completing the claim process by using mobile devices.

The Xero expenses mobile app you use depends on the type of user permission you have right now.

  • Employees with Approver and Admin permission use the Xero App.
  • Employees with submitter permission use Xero Me mobile app.

Expense Claims For Employers

To make the expenses claim process easier for your employees, follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, set up the Xero expenses and invite your employees to download the app. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.
  • After that, assign an employee-specific user permission. The user permission consists of having access to submit and approve a claim. 
  • An employee with submission permission can only submit their claims. They can’t view the information in your Xero software.
  • Employees with admin permission can edit, decline, and approve claims.

Expense Claims For Employees

Employees who spend their own money for goods and services on behalf of a business can claim expenses. Talk to your business owner or manager about adding to Xero Expenses.

  • Once employees have been invited into expenses, you can capture and submit claims using a mobile device.
  • The employees with submitter permission can download the Xero Me app to their mobile devices.
  • Approver permitters can download the app on their mobile device.

Requirements To Use The Expenses App

There are technical requirements to use the Xero application. Here is the requirement for Android and iOS devices:


There are device and operating system requirements to access the Xero app on an Android device.

  • The device must have an Android 6 Marshmallow or higher operating system.
  • Must have Google Mobile Service (GMS) device certification.
  • Web browsers should be Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.


Your device must fulfil these requirements to access the app on iOS devices:

  • The device must have iOS 11.0 or a later operating system version.
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPad.
  • The latest version of web browsers is Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

Assign Expenses To An Existing Employee

You can easily assign the expenses to an existing employee by using the steps below:

  • Firstly, select Expense Claims in the Business menu.
  • After that, click the Settings icon.
  • Then, navigate to the Users tab and click on Add To Expenses option.
  • Moreover, select an Expenses Role from the list.
  • After that, add the company bank account for payment.
  • Finally, tap on the Save button. The employee appears in the Access To Expenses list.

Assign Expenses To A New Employee

To assign expenses to a new employee, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, select Expense Claims in the Business menu.
  • After that, click on the Settings icon.
  • Then, navigate to the Users tab and click the Invite A New User option.
  • Moreover, enter the employee’s details and tap on the Continue button.
  • After that, choose their user roles in the Setup Permissions.
  • Then, assign a company’s bank account if the employee makes expense claims.
  • Moreover, tap the Continue button.
  • Finally, add a personal message and send a welcome email. 
  • In the end, tap the Send Invite button.

The process of assigning expenses doesn’t include any Xero expenses app cost. It is free and takes only a few minutes.

Set Up Mileage Claims In Xero Expense App

There are many ways to set up mileage claims for your organisation. If you are a new organisation or upgrade to include expenses, follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, Open your Xero application.
  • After that, select the Expense Claims option in the business menu.
  • Now, click on the Settings icon and select the Mileage Claim tab.
  • Moreover, click the Setup Mileage Claims option.
  • Then, select the accounts you want your team to use when creating expense claims. 
  • Finally, click Use[Number] account for expense claims.

After this step, all employees can use the app to add a mileage claim.


Xero expenses app allows you to claim expenses using your mobile device. You can easily take a receipt photo and submit your mileage claim anytime. Many businesses give Xero expenses access to their employees for a fast claim process. 

It is the best expense app for Xero right now. You can download it for your preferred mobile device easily. You can also call our experts anytime if you face any issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is easy to use the app for various activities. Use the receipt scanner to snap a photo in the expenses app. The key details are automatically entered in Xero. You can use the various features to claim expenses fast.

To set up the Xero app, you must set up additional expense accounts.

  • Firstly, go to the Business menu.
  • After that, select the Expense Claims option. 
  • Then, click the Settings icon.
  • Moreover, tap the Mileage Claims tab and select the Edit option.
  • After that, select the account available for expense claims.

Finally, click the Done button.

Xero application is free to download from Google Play or App Store.

Xero Expenses App: Automate All Your Expense Claims In 2023

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