Sage 200 Vs. Sage 50: What Is The Key Difference & Similarity?

Sage 200 Vs. Sage 50: What Is The Key Difference & Similarity?


Sage is industry-leading accounting software. If you are a Sage user and looking for a comparison between Sage 200 Vs. Sage 50, read the entire article. Sage 50 is targeted at start-ups or small-sized businesses, but Sage 200 is ideal for both medium and large-scale companies. Sage 200 is flexible, scalable, and configurable. On the other hand, Sage 50cloud only supports 20 users but can handle 1.5 million transactions. Sage 200 supports 50 users but supports 9 million transactions.

The Sage 200 tool was designed for companies that have outgrown Sage 50 capabilities. It is best for those who need a more scalable accounting solution. The article also includes information on what are the key differences & similarities between Sage 200 and 50. Go through the entire article to get a basic knowledge.

Sage 50 vs. Sage 200 Comparison

Both accounting software can control the financial activities of your business. You will get more innovative features and tools. Sage 50 is ideal for both start-ups and small companies. Sage 200 offers advanced financial management features. Moreover, both tools fit the exact needs of your business.

Features Comparison

The below table includes features of both tools:

Sage 50Sage 200
Up to 1.5 million transactionsUp to 9 million transactions
20 Users50 users
Multiple budgets & departmentsBill of materials
Multiple currency supportMultiple warehouses
Create sales orders & purchase ordersCRM integration
Financial reportsPowerful reporting & dashboards
Product & stock informationSupply chain management
Office 365 integrationManage complex business processes
Professional quotes & invoicesSuperior database performance
Easy reconciliationHighly customisable
Manage payments, expenses, cash flow, and income.Advanced financial management.

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Reporting Tools

Here is the list of Reporting functions and tools:

Sage 200Sage 50
Power BI ConnectorDashboards
Excel ReportingOut of the box reports
Summary ScreensReport Designer.
Out of the box reports 
Report Designer. 

Available Modules

The modules create key differences between both accounting systems. The table has all available modules:

Sage 200Sage 50
ConstructionCRM & eCommerce integration
BarcodingOCR Scanning
Hire ManagementCredit Hound
ManufacturingFund Accounting
WAP & DistributionProjects.
Cashflow Manager. 

Similarities Between Sage 200 & Sage 50

Sage 200 and Sage 50 accounting tools have differences. But they do have a few similarities. Here is the list of similarities between Sage 50 and 200.

MTD Compliance

MTD stands for Making Tax Digital. Sage accounting tools and products are MTD compliant. As a result, you will not have to enter your VAT figures manually. You can submit them from authorised software. Upgrade your software to get the latest updates and features. 

Office-365 Support

Sage 50 and Sage 200 are equipped with cloud connectivity. In other words, you can remotely access the data and insights from any device. It also boosts your productivity and provides greater control. You can communicate with your team and clients via video conferencing, social networking, and instant messaging.

Sage 50 vs. 200: CRM Integration

Both Sage 50 Vs. Sage 200 integrates with Customer Relationship Management tools. It provides business insight to pinpoint clients. Based on your existing client data, you can upsell or cross-sell. It makes you more productive and efficient. You can easily manage ongoing and new opportunities.


Both Sage 200 and Sage 50 allow you to schedule your backups. It also provides you with additional security. You can also manipulate the data in an excel sheet.

Which One Is Right For My Business?

Sage 50 or Sage 50cloud is targeted at SMEs and start-ups. It enables you to take control of your business finances. You can manage expenses, cash flow, income, etc. It also allows you to submit VAT returns to HMRC. There are two versions of Sage 50cloud software:

  1. Standard.
  2. Professional.

The Sage software 200 or Sage 200cloud provides customizability. It targets mid and large-scale businesses. Sage 200 also has two versions; Standard and Professional. You can use it in the cloud or deploy it on your server. It has 5 core modules:

  1. Business Intelligence.
  2. Manufacturing.
  3. Financials.
  4. Project Accounting.
  5. Commercials.

Pricing Comparison

Cost is an important factor to decide the best tool. The Standard accounts start from £72 per month for a single user. Sage 200 Standard costs £290 per month. You must check the official site for the latest offers and discounts. You can also book an appointment to know the total on-premise cost of the Sage tool. Additional modules and hosting services will cost you more. 

If you purchase Sage tools from the official site, they will offer you support services. Sage 50 is an out-of-the-box solution. You will not need a lot of customisation. On the other hand, you might need expert advice to finish the implementation process.

Final Words

If you want to collect more information about Sage 200 Vs. Sage 50, then book an appointment with our experts. They will demonstrate to you the basic differences. MWJ Consultancy offers software support for industry-leading accounting software like Sage, Xero, Quicken, TurboCASH, TurboTax, QuickBooks, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both of them have many differences. Sage 50 and Sage 200 have similar reports, layouts, and dashboards. Sage 50 supports up to 20 users, and Sage 200 has support for up to 50 users. Sage 200 handles 9 million transactions, but Sage 50 only handles 1.5 million transactions. You will also get different modules and reporting tools.

Here are the main reasons:


  1. Use of additional users
  2. Improved reporting & stock management
  3. Multi-currency support
  4. Enhanced sales cycle & customer relationships
  5. Control financial periods.

Sage 50 is targeted at start-ups & small businesses. On the other hand, Sage 200 is best for medium and large-scale businesses.

Sage 200 Vs. Sage 50: What Is The Key Difference & Similarity?

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